Ikea Furniture Assembly and Repair

Ikea furniture is a popular choice for every room in your home. However, not everyone can assemble this furniture themselves, and they end up bringing it back to the store, damaging the parts, or leaving the box in the closet, never to be touched again. Instead of trying to build this furniture yourself, let the experts at Langley Handyman lend a hand. Langley Handyman has some of the most efficient builders around, and we’re all eager to help you set up your furniture.
Projects We Can Do Simultaneously
If you’re adding furniture to your home, it might mean it’s time to jazz up the rest of the scenery. Whether you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, painting the walls, or simply repairing your cabinets, Langley Handyman is the expert to call upon. We’ll work with you to help your room best complement your new furniture. And best part – we can work on assembling your furniture and renovating your room at the same time.
Langley Handyman – The Best in the Business
Langley Handyman always arrives on time, and we always guarantee expert craftsmanship. On average, our handymen have over ten years of experience, and we’re skilled at assembling furniture, installing floors, remodeling bathrooms, and more. If you want the job done right, you’ll want to hire Langley Handyman. 

Price to Assemble Furniture
Different companies have different ways of charging for furniture assembly. Some factors that influence pricing are where you’re located, what type and brand of furniture you need assembled, and how many pieces you need assembled at once. Generally, companies will require a minimum service fee or charge an hourly rate. If you choose to have more than one piece of furniture assembled, you’ll likely be quoted a lower price for the additional pieces.

Each piece of furniture is unique, so the cost of assembling different furniture pieces is unique as well. Through Langley Handyman, customers can plan to spend around $100 to assemble a bed frame, with smaller, easier pieces costing less and bigger, more difficult pieces costing more.

Why You Should Hire Experts to Assemble Your Furniture
Furniture that comes pre-assembled tends to cost more than furniture you assemble yourself. However, if you choose to take on the task of assembling a piece on your own, you might damage your furniture, and fixing it might cost more than if you’d just bought it pre-assembled to begin with. Fortunately, the building team at Langley Handyman will make sure the job is done correctly. Hiring Langley Handyman means you won’t have to worry about purchasing tools or messing up, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your new furniture isn’t going to break or get damaged.