Garage Organizing, Fencing, and Stairs Installation

Garage Organizing
Langley Handyman can help you organize your garage and even arrange it into an entirely new space. We’ll start by assessing what you currently have in the garage and discussing whether specific pieces should be stored, donated, or thrown away. We’ll then categorize the remaining items into specific categories, such as tools, children’s toys, and memorabilia. We’ll prioritize finding space for the larger items before moving onto the smaller ones.
Once we’re done sifting through and rearranging your current items, we’ll discuss what to do with the remaining space. Do you want a work bench? Further storage space? Or something else entirely? If you decide to make big changes, we’ll move the remaining furniture out of the garage and store it in a safe, dry place. We’ll then build and install whatever you want added before returning the items to their preferred spots.
Fencing – Starting with a Consultation
If you’re considering installing or repairing fences, Langley Handyman is the right choice. We provide free in-home consultations that you can easily schedule online. Once scheduled, one of our fence specialists will provide samples of difference fencing material, go over HOA requirements, and determine what fence works best for your pets, children, and budget. We’ll provide a detailed quote that breaks down the price of materials and labor.  
Installing Your Fence
Installing a fence takes time and manpower. Fortunately, Langley Handyman will handle all the big and small details, providing updates as they work while leaving you free of any stress. You can trust our fencing experts to provide excellent service and get the job done quickly and effectively.
Langley Handyman can install a variety of fences, from decorative fences to low-maintenance fences and even private, high security fences. Our price quotes always cover labor, warranty, and materials. We also provide financing options to help tackle larger, more costly projects.
Installing Your Stairs
Stairs are an important part of any home. Like all things, stairs can get old and outdated over time, and you’ll want to ensure that your stairs are stable and long-lasting. For this reason, Langley Handyman offers quality stair installation and updates that are durable and eye-catching. We strive to provide the best service for every need and pricepoint.
Staircase Remodeling
If you’re thinking of replacing your staircase, remodeling it can be a more cost-effective option. A simple upgrade can make your staircase far more stable and appealing. One option you have is called an overlay, which involves removing carpeting from the staircase and replacing it with hardwood risers and treads. This method will make your staircase look brand new, and it won’t cost nearly as much as installing a new one.